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Alan and Renee Beckner invite you into their store today!  We offer diamond, gemstone, gold, silver, platinum and religious jewelry.  Alan, originally from Indiana, is a second-generation Master Jeweler and Goldsmith with over 35 years of experience.  He can custom design jewelry, carve wax molds and gold casting is done on-site.  To showcase Alan’s craft and skills, the workshop is “open-view” so you can watch while he creates!  

We are happy to be “Your Hometown Jeweler” in Naples and Ave Maria.

  • Before… Before… Let's start at the beginning. When we make a piece of jewelry, we start with the wax. We can carve any shape and design out of the wax and use the wax as our mold. We had a customer that had a medallion he got while on a trip to Rome. It was made of brass and was large and too heavy to wear every day. He wanted a smaller version of the medal and made in a lighter metal. The original medal measured about 2 3/4 inches in diameter. This picture shows the wax, an exact replica of the original medallion, only smaller and reduced to about the size of a silver dollar.
  • After. After. The piece was made with the lost wax process. The wax is placed in a crucible, filled with a plaster-of-paris type compound, baked for about 12 hours at temperatures up to 1500 degrees which eliminates the wax and then gold is either vacuum cast or injected by a centrifuge into the area where the wax once was. For this piece we used 14k white gold. Our happy customer chose a perfect white gold chain to accent it and has worn it every day for many years.
  • Before… Before… This is a traditional two row ring guard where a solitaire diamond ring sits in the middle of the ring guard/wedding band. The owner of this ring decided she wanted to remount her main diamond solitaire and had the ring guard left over. What do you do with the diamonds and emeralds from the ring guard?
  • After. After. From the previous ring guard, we took the diamonds and emeralds and created a whole new pendant. She chose to have a "Circle of Life" pendant set in 14k yellow gold. This customer was able to take the stones from her original wedding set and continue to wear them in a new piece of jewelry which now holds even more meaning for her. Just like the circle, her and her husband's love is never-ending!
  • Before… Before… This started out as a pair of citrine earrings. Unfortunately, one earring was lost. The lonely earring sat in a jewelry box for years until it was brought into our store with the common question, "What can I do with this?"
  • After. After. As we do with most clients, we started asking questions. Did she want us to make a match to complete the pair of earrings? Did she want to put the single stone into a pendant? Did she want to take the stone, add other stones to it and put them into a bracelet? Our customer decided she would like to have a new ring. So, we were able to match the stone to a sleek 14k yellow gold mounting and she now wears a beautiful citrine ring.
  • Before… Before… This ring has seen better days! Somehow, the ring feel off our customers hand and was lost in her driveway. Not able to quickly find it and late to an appointment she drove off in a hurry. A while later her husband pulls into his spot in the driveway, walks around and sees it laying there, crushed.
  • Before… Before… Several of the diamonds on the side of this ring fell out.
  • Before… Before… The prong head that holds the center diamond was no longer in the center of the ring.
  • After. After. With tears in her eyes, our customer retold the story of her damaged ring. She thought is was ruined and came in asking if we could make her a new ring using the diamonds that remained. We explained to her that we could rebuild her existing ring, replace the missing side stones, weld where there were breaks in the medal and reshape everything to it's original design. Oh, and we sized it to fit her finger nice and snug again!
  • Before… Before… What a ring!!? This ring sat in a jewelry box for years because, as our client said, "it's the ugliest ring I have ever seen!" It was passed down from Grandmother to Granddaughter and the two ladies had very different tastes in jewelry! When we first examined it, we weren't sure if we could even get the opal out of the mounting as it had been damaged after years of wear and was so tightly set into the ring mounting.
  • After. After. We were able to extricate the opal safely from the ring mounting as well as the diamonds and converted it into what is now a stunning and contemporary pendant. We gently curved 14k yellow gold around the opal and set the eight diamonds that were hidden in the ring into the gold that is surrounding the opal. Our customer now frequently wears the pendant and is fondly reminded of her Grandmother every time she shows it off!
  • Before… Before… This diamond started it's "life" in the mines deep in the ground. It was brought to the surface, graded, cut and polished. It found it's way into an engagement ring many years later. After a while, the oval shaped diamond in the ring became very lonely and needed to be "dressed up."
  • After… After… We were able to create a new ring mounting by adding several marquise shaped and round diamonds that now enhance the center oval diamond. The new diamonds match the original oval diamond in color and clarity. This ring really makes a statement now! Wow!
  • After. After. Another stunning view of this "dressed up" oval diamond ring!
  • Before… Before… This client was wearing this diamond set in a 14k white gold bezel and was really enjoying it. She also has a similar sized round tanzanite pendant that she wasn't wearing. She brought both pieces into the store and asked the common question, "what can I do with this?"
  • After. After. With this project, we added a strip of diamonds below the original diamond solitaire pendant and set the tanzanite in a bezel mounting to match the style of the top diamond. It was a whole new look without her spending much money for the upgrade.