State of the Art Laser Welding

    Lasers aren’t just for operations anymore folks! Did you know that Beckner Jewelry & Repairs has one of the few state of the art laser welders in town? What does this mean to you? If you have delicate items or stones in your jewelry that can’t handle too much direct heat or they will damage, then laser welding is the solution! Unlike soldering, laser welding is safer on your jewelry due to its ability to target at a much closer range. Laser welding also fuses metal to metal, so it leaves no trace! Our laser has pinpoint precision and can do all kinds of intricate work safely, so you can rest assured that your fragile pieces you value so much are in good hands! We can also repair your jewelry and resize rings for you without those annoying dark solder marks that appear when using a torch. So what are you waiting for? Bring those items in to us today and have them back within a week, good as new! A simple minimum welding charge begins at $26!