Captivating Citrine

    The mellow gold color of Citrine captures attention and brightens our moods. Did you know that November’s birthstones are citrine and yellow topaz?  Did you know that citrine most often comes from Brazil, but since natural citrine is so rare, almost all of the Brazilian material is heat-treated amethyst? Natural citrine can also be found in the Ural Mountains of Russia, in Dauphine, France, and in Madagascar. This gem is a sunny quartz whose name comes from the French word for “lemon”.It is a wearable, affordable, and fashionable stone with shimmering yellows that draw the eyes and captivate the viewer. If you’re feeling down or uninspired, some say you should put on some Citrine. It is believed this gemstone promotes creativity, helps with your personal clarity, and eliminates self-destructive tendencies. In ancient times, citrine was carried as a protection against deadly snake venom and evil thoughts. Maybe we should wear more down here in Florida! :) You November-born folks out there will love this genuine checkerboard golden citrine and diamond ring for only $325 in 14K yellow gold….but you don’t have to be born in November to love it! Citrine is a beautiful staple in anyone’s collection!